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Here is a small list of other sites 'out there' that might be of interest... clicking on the links will navigate you away from Aitone though!

About early music's Early Music FAQ
Includes an answer to the 'what is early music' question.. you might wish you hadn't asked though!
Classical Net
Not strictly early, but a huge directory of reviews, groups and composer info.
Leicester Early Music Festival
Held every summer in the church of St Mary de Castro and surrounds.
Buxton Festival Fringe
England's largest festival fringe, running since 1980!
The National Centre for Early Music
A concert and information centre in York.
National Early Music Association
The co-ordinating body for early music up and down the country.
Midlands Early Music Forum
The regional forum for early music performers.
Other links
Concert Diary
Quite possibly the largest UK concert schedule available online!
Choral Net
The Internet Centre for Choral Music.
Real UK Music
Real UK Music, the internet music resource for UK festivals, concert venues, clubs, performers, tutors, recording studios, event calendars, etc.
A guide to medieval and renaissance instruments
Nothing to do with wedding rings, but a useful collection of links to other resources.

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