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The period from the 10th to the 18th centuries saw huge changes in the understanding and writing of music and spans a vast repertoire.
The Aitone repertoire and programmes are always under development as we make changes to them in the light of performance and research. Nonetheless they are a good guide to the sort of things you can expect of us. Check out our current and future events to see what we're singing at the moment!
The following is our list of current programmes, but if you're looking for something specific to an area or period for an event then get in touch to see if we can help!

The Garden of Earthly Delights
Medieval and renaissance songs on the themes of the painting by Hieronymous Bosch.
"House of the Poor, Gift of the Rich"
Songs of dedication, lamentation and consolation - a bespoke anniversary programme for the Spital Chantry Trust of St Edmund.
Delightful Measures
Music from the time of Richard III. Very much the topic in 2015, we got hijacked into doing a number of concerts around this theme.
A Madrigal Mystery Tour: or, a light-hearted romp through musical history
The seemingly predictable and staid genre of the madrigal gets the Aitone treatment as we delve far, far, back to it's very origins and then showcase stages in its development into early opera.
Pilgrims and Potentates
A musical contrast and comparison of the music of princes and that of pilgrims, each in its own way intriguing.
Eate, Drinke, and be Merie
Medieval and renaissance songs of food, wine and revelry. Ideal as a tapas style concert, we can even provide input and inspiration for accompanying food!
Court and Cloister
A panoply of medieval and renaissance courtly music contrasted with that of the religious life of the same eras.
A Rose by any other name: music for the House of Tudor
An excitingly varied mix of secular and sacred music covering the reigns of all six Tudor monarchs.
L'homme armé ('The armed man')
Songs of love, war and courtly life, an excitingly varied programme exploring the dual themes of the life at court of a man-at-arms and the pub song that defined the musical renaissance, with parts of the rarely performed Missa L'homme armé by Guillaume Faugues (fl.c.1460-1475).
Passion and Lamentation
A journey from Gethsemane to the empty tomb, in rarely heard medieval, renaissance and baroque music.
Civitas mundi, civitas Dei ('City of the world, city of God')
A whistlestop 'grand tour' of major European cities in song followed by a more sedate pilgrimage through musical imagery of the heavenly city. And all for less than the cheapest budget airline!
Nowell sing we!
An exciting range of unusual music for Christmas from the 10th to the 18th centuries. Some of the titles may be familiar but the music won't necessarily be quite what you're expecting...
This programme can also be presented in the form of an early music 'Nine Lessons' service.
A Tapestry of the Senses
A selection of medieval and renaissance music weaving together the themes of the famous 15th century millefleur 'Lady and Unicorn' tapestries now in the National Museum of the Middle Ages, Paris. The six tapestry panels depict the five senses and 'my one desire'.

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